About Me!

About Me!

Hello! I’m Angela Marie and I am the creator of this Blog!

About My Journey to Where I am Now…

I started my fitness journey in High School with a group of women and a great trainer who made a huge impact on my life! So, when it came time to start thinking about college and a career I knew I wanted to major in Exercise Science and pursue a career in  the fitness industry.

After my first semester of college, I got certified to be a Group Exercise Instructor and a job leading classes at the Student Rec Center on Campus which I loved so much! But, after a ton of extra work I finished my 4 year degree in just 3 years and my job at the Rec Center ended and I found myself moving 3 hours away to a new city for a job at a brand new gym!

What I Do Now…

I moved as soon as my boss said I could start helping out! I got to help paint, set up equipment, make some decisions on design and just two weeks later we opened our doors to over 100 new gym members. I started off teaching 20 some classes a week, while also helping my clients with their lifestyle and nutrition goals. I truly feel like I’m making an impact on peoples’ lives in my small corner of the world!

About My Family & Friends…

Besides fitness and nutrition, I’m also a normal 22 year old who has an awesome group of  family and friends!

I have a wonder boyfriend who’s the reason I ended up moving; he’s in graduate school for Physical Therapy and we both agreed a 3 hour commute to visit each other for the next three years was too long! So, we got a small starter apartment together and that’s where I am now along with my adorable white fluffy pup named Sasha!

I also have 2 older brothers, a younger sister along with 2 nephews and 3 nieces, 2 great parents and some amazing friends!

Now that you know the gist of who I am, I hope you enjoy my blog!

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