About, About My Blog

About My Blog


Within the Fitness category, I will post workout Weekly. These workouts might not require any equipment or they might require you to have a set of dumbells, a set, a physio-ball or maybe even a gym membership; it will vary from week to week!


The nutrition section will be a learning experience for you and me! My main degree is in Exercise Science but I’m not a master chef or anything so the nutrition section will be everything from recipes to how to read labels, healthy snacks and more! I’ll post within this category at least once a week maybe more depending on how much information I have to share that week!

If you happen to notice any of my information is incorrect in this section, feel free to contact me!


The lifestyle section is a fun section for me to write in, this section can be anything relating to a healthy lifestyle! Such as using essential oils, great workout shoes depending on what your workouts are and how much sleep you should get! I’ll also post in this section just once a week.


So overall, you can expect a minimum of 3 posts a week from me! So check in often and you can also subscribe for notifications for when I post something new!

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